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A Tree of Life Fellowship (ATOLF) warmly welcomes you to connect with Christ in an extraordinary way. Through our community-orientated fellowship, we serve one another by ensuring our diversity is united by our desire to spread the word about God’s love and salvation.

ATOLF is a prophetic and deliverance ministry. The prophetic mantle comes in the form of  signs, wonders and miracles. Our ministry brings healing, restoration and accurate insight to believers. Our Apostle, Tony Ervin, has been known to deliver accurate prophecies that have restored families, marriages, and ministries. They’ve also healed many from  demonic oppressions and from satanic strongholds.

A Tree of Life Fellowship is a proactive teaching ministry. We believe that the messages taught on Sundays should lead to growth on Mondays. We help those who seek to grow religiously to find and know God.

Apostle Tony Ervin & Pastor LaSherrie Ervin

A Tree of Life Fellowship Houston

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